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The World’s Best Premier Water Bike, Hydrobike!

Advanced Technology, Highly Efficient, Human Powered Watercraft

For the last  25 years  Hydrobikes have been synonymous with fun & fitness on the water in 70 countries . They are non polluting,  lightweight, safe, stable and easy to ride with 400 lbs of flotation. Hydrobikes can be enjoyed by everyone. US and State Parks, Resorts, the YMCA and many rental outlets make them the choice for on the water recreational fun worldwide. The reliability and trouble free operation insures that Hydrobike Explorer provides reliable, safe hours of family enjoyment.



Enjoy the ride and the Hydrobike's environmentally friendly nature

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Fastest Performance From Propeller Driven  Drive Train

Utilizing their patented “state-of the art” propeller and impulsion system,  HydroBike achieves incredible “human powered” speed. If you want to ride the fastest and most efficient water bike in the world, come rent a Hydrobike

Durable and Safe

The Hydrobike is also remarkably safe. A leading canoe maker designed the floats, so the bike is almost impossible to tip over.

Silence is golden

The hydrobike is an exceptional way to get close to shore, since it handles well in shallow water. It is almost silent to operate, which is great for navigating through nature’s silence.